What Is This Place ?

Fans of Uriah Heep !

It's a fact that many of the Heepsters on the Web are fantastic musicians ! You are from all over the world, and it's time that you have one place that people can come to and learn all about you !

Doesn't matter if your a total weekend amateur, play in a band,  just like to write lyrics, or anything else - I'm offering you a place to share your talents with the rest of the world.

This website is here to give you a very targeted area in which you can share your music, writings or whatever you wish.

People WILL see your stuff !  If you're a Heepster, this is your place !
This sets the tone for the website, and gives the viewers a common bond with you.
  • Do you write lyrics ? Poems? Just have something to say ? Record songs and have them as MP3 files ? Have a video of yourself talking about the Heep ? Does your band have a video ?

  • Do you simply want to send us your You Tube or Google Video address and we'll grab it from there? Do you have a MySpace page ? Do you want to hook up with other musicians from around the world and discuss playing and recording ?

  • All or any of the above or even stuff I haven't thought of yet will work here. My goal is to be able to showcase you - so take advantage of it ! If you have questions, write me

  • I would love to see this grow, and for people to be able to share thier music easily with the Heepster community - that is my goal.

  • This is brand new, all for the fans of Uriah Heep and it's your place to show off..so lets do it !